Remote monitoring satellite
Wireless Asset Monitoring and Tracking Technology
AMCi provides total solutions for remote monitoring, control, tracking and asset management. End-to-end solutions starting with AMCi hardware to the SatAlarm® - Server backend, plus numerous options for reporting and alarm systems.

Our Founder

Steve Watwood is the founder of AMCi.  Tracking of refrigerated rail cars was our first satellite communications project; from there the company moved to the Oil and Gas industry.   Our flagship product, the Sentry with its vibration sensing module was the brainchild of Steve.  His diverse background and knowledge in the areas of construction, architecture and solar technology set the course for AMCi.  Along with the support of his wife Phyllis and many dedicated employees, Steve was our captain and steered the company through significant growth since 1997. Although Steve passed away in 2011, his vision of a global satellite solutions company that provides superior products and customer service still serves as our company mission.