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AMCi March 2016 News Flash

Here at AMCi-Wireless, we continue to pursue and drive innovation and efficiency solutions for our customers. In this edition of News Flash we will discuss our mesh radio network products and our new Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD) Smart Switch.

Mesh radio networks are a great solution for sites with multiple data collection points. Using a radio network avoids the need for cellular or satellite terminals at each data collection point and allows the consolidation of data to a single communications device. The mesh radio solution works in conjunction with AMCi’s Cellular and Satellite solutions and is an alternative to having individual terminals on each piece of equipment, reducing airtime costs. With the mesh radio network you can still view, poll and analyze equipment and data from SatAlarm®-Server. The image below illustrates the concept of mesh radio networks, working through both cellular and satellite solutions.

Some of the advantages of a mesh radio network system include: lower hardware costs, easily managed airtime costs (having several sites billed through one terminal), and the same visibility in SatAlarm®-Server as individual units.


Introducing the new AMCi Smart Switch (LVD)


The AMCi Smart Switch is an automatic low battery / low voltage disconnect (LVD) using a standard ISO relay. The Smart Switch is available in two versions designed to work with any 12 or 24 VDC control panel or power supply.

To protect electronics from damaging low voltages and prevent damage to batteries due to a deep discharge during an extended power outage, the Smart Switch LVD will automatically disconnect the

battery when the voltage falls below the set cutoff. When power is restored, the Smart Switch will automatically reconnect the battery.

Push button override/connect allows the load to be connected to the battery independent of cutoff voltage.

Alarm output alerts to a low battery that will be disconnected shortly.

For a complete data sheet, please click here.


AMCi-Wireless will be attending the 20th annual Gas Compressor Association (GCA) conference this month from March 21—23, 2016 at the Moody Gardens Convention Center in Galveston, Texas. Attendees will see the latest technology in Gas Compression and have the chance to network with many industry contacts. AMCi will occupy Booths 312 and 314. For more information, check out the website at

Have a great month and we look forward to continuing to work with you.

The AMCi Wireless Team.




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