Remote monitoring satellite
Wireless Asset Monitoring and Tracking Technology
AMCi provides total solutions for remote monitoring, control, tracking and asset management. End-to-end solutions starting with AMCi hardware to the SatAlarm® - Server backend, plus numerous options for reporting and alarm systems.

Electronic Flow Meter Monitoring

Electronic Flow Meter (EFM) Monitoring and Alarming from AMCi

Let AMCi monitor your site via satellite and deliver the daily operational and production data you want, at a price that will surprise you!

Data you need:

  • Today’s totalized flow
  • Previous day’s total volume
  • SD, DP, Temp, etc.
  • Current average flow rate


  • Lo flow, no flow, SP, etc.
  • Delivered by phone call from a live operator, text message, email, pager, and/or fax

Web page features:

  • Last known EFM status
  • History and conditions of prior days
  • Site location with other mapping functions
  • Demand poll for current status at any time
  • Web page for every EFM
  • Each site is password protected
  • Uses your browser, no software to buy
  • Web page time stamps and alarm delivery verification

Note:  In some cases custom programming and drivers must be written.