Remote monitoring satellite
Wireless Asset Monitoring and Tracking Technology
AMCi provides total solutions for remote monitoring, control, tracking and asset management. End-to-end solutions starting with AMCi hardware to the SatAlarm® - Server backend, plus numerous options for reporting and alarm systems.


Remote Monitoring Solutions for Generator Applications

Keep tabs on the operational status of your valuable assets, no matter how remote, and know immediately when conditions warrant action.


  • Monitor oil pressure, temperature, runtime hours, load, voltages, currents, KVARs, fuel level and consumption rate, on/off status, rpm’s, location, shutdown-1st fault, battery power, vibration, and more.
  • Know your portable generator’s GPS location at all times
  • Quick and easy installation of equipment
  • Monitor performance trends
  • Monitor or control all of your assets from a single password protected web page
  • Remotely start or shut down generators
  • Both satellite and cellular communications are available
  • View, Graph, or export data


  • Know immediately when outages occur
  • Get first fault reports on shut downs so that service response can be as efficient as possible
  • You determine when and how to be notified if a change occurs - via email, cell phone text, and/or 24/7 live operator
  • Maintain high uptimes by maintaining fuel levels and performing maintenance before problems cause unplanned outages
  • GPS locations allow for rapid service response and help to ensure there are no surprises in where/how the generator is being used
  • Start generators remotely for immediate response to electricity demand