Tracking and Remote Engine Hour Monitoring

Monitor the location and status of your equipment via satellite, including engine hours and GPS location.

  • Daily reports sent to your office computer
  • Reports location, engine hours and status from almost anywhere on the planet
  • Poll the equipment at any time with a click of a button on your own password protected website
  • Makes scheduled field maintenance simple
  • Know where your equipment is, when it’s in use, and track normal serviceable time periods
  • An alarm is sent when a piece of equipment enters or leaves your pre-defined area

Other web features include:

  • Mapping to the asset including written instructions
  • Plots location history of any given time period
  • Keep track of battery voltage
  • Generate printed reports and graphics
  • Daily runtime history
  • Change the reporting frequency over the air
  • Monitor and control assets from a desktop, minimizing travel and labor costs
  • Can be powered by asset or vehicle battery, but excels where low power consumption is a requirement
  • Map the travel history of the delivery vehicles
  • Know exactly where and when the equipment was dropped off and picked up with a time stamped map
  • Every unit has its own password protected website
  • Disable a piece of equipment from your website whenever necessary
  • Use AMCi’s 24/7 answering service for critical alarms such as theft or unauthorized use
  • Monitor high temperature, low fluid, and other important alarms right from your computer
  • Can be customized to fit application