Remote monitoring satellite
Wireless Asset Monitoring and Tracking Technology
AMCi provides total solutions for remote monitoring, control, tracking and asset management. End-to-end solutions starting with AMCi hardware to the SatAlarm® - Server backend, plus numerous options for reporting and alarm systems.



AMCi has been providing asset monitoring to the Oil and Gas sector since 1997, from simple vibration monitoring, to complex first fault diagnostics. 

AMCi has the ability to monitor and control multiple assets with one unit, saving money on equipment costs. With the improvements in communication, AMCi now also offers solutions that include satellite, cellular, radio, or a combination of all three





AMCi has developed numerous solutions to environmental monitoring and reporting challenges in areas such as air quality, public utilities, water, natural resources, and flood prevention. 

AMCi generates custom applications and reports for compliance with environmental laws within energy, industrial, public utility, government agencies and special districts.




Water Resources

AMCi has numerous water resource applications, from a single asset in a remote wilderness area, to an entire network of irrigation users in a water district. Our customers are able to monitor data such as water level, volume, temperature, flow rate, and wind speed. They can monitor reservoirs, canals, streams, etc., and can control pumps, flumes, weirs, gates, and switches. 

AMCi currently monitors assets for flood control, groundwater allocation, irrigation, evaporation pond pumps, reservoir levels and flows, etc. Alarms can be designed for multiple thresholds, and assets can be polled for current readings. The SatAlarm server web application can create graphs and tables, and data can be exported as a .csv file on demand. In many cases, multiple sites can be monitored with one unit, saving precious time and money.





AMCi has numerous security applications, ranging from monitoring an individual asset, to tracking a whole fleet of mobile assets, and can even detect direction of travel. AMCi can also keep tabs on lone workers in hazardous situations.