ST-6100 – C1D2 Certified

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The ST-6100 Satellite Communication Terminal utilizes two-way satellite technology to give you important information and alert you to critical conditions, in many cases giving you the opportunity to respond before failure even occurs.

Key Features

• CID2 certified model for hazardous sites
• Built-in GPS receiver and antenna
• 4 I/O channels – configure as digital I/O or as analog input
• AMCi-Wireless SatAlarm®-Server
• 24/7 technical support, call center, and asset administration
• Optional Modbus or expanded I/O
• Weatherproof construction
• Integrated antennas (no coax), no external antennas

Product Benefits

• Provides insight into remote operations
• Gap-free coverage
• GPS for precise location information
• Scheduled, event-based, and on-demand reporting
• Programmable over the air – reducing the need to send personnel into the field
• Flexibility to communicate with many sensors and controllers
• Low power consumption for applications that require long battery life

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